Are you ready to create transformation and healing in your life?

Hey Beloveds!

We are in a time of great transformation for women – we’re feeling the pull toward healing, for ourselves and for other women – and we’re looking for a different way to live our lives.

Women are facing an epidemic of anxiety, chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, stress and overwhelm – things that stem from decades of repressing who we really are, suppressing our intuition and emotions, and living under the oppressive weight of “should” and “have-to” things on our endless to-do lists.

We’re fed up with the longstanding masculine energy patterns that have set the standard for how we live, and we’re ready to learn the ways that come more naturally to women.

Does this sound familiar to you?

There’s a movement happening for women; they’re stepping up everywhere ready to create transformation and healing – in their own lives and by helping others heal.

If you’re ready to:

  • Step into the truth of who you are and empower yourself to live your truth
  • Explore and learn the ways to live a healthy and joy-filled life
  • Connect with like-minded women on the same journey
  • End your anxiety and the endless “shoulds” that you feel guilty about
  • Create complete transformation in your life

…then I’d like to invite you to join me and 19 other spirited women who are sharing their wisdom about Powerful Practices for Living an Invincible Life on the Indomitable Women’s Wellness Summit.


It’s a free virtual event that’s happening October 17-31, 2016. Each guest speaker gives an inspiring talk about different practices you can cultivate to create wellness and transformation in your life. When you register, you’ll receive:

  • 20 inspiring talks delivered right to your inbox (beginning October 17th)
  • Access to 2 round-table discussions with a panel of women where you can ask questions
  • Gifts and goodies from each of the guest speakers
  • Membership in the Divine Feminine Rising private Facebook group community

Claim your spot now!

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