Talking to the Moon

Recently I had a dream I was talking to the Moon and she was sharing Divine insight, inspiration & illumination with me as I flew around the world chatting away while she did her thing.  unknown-41Within the same week, I had several people they had dreams of or with me serving, sharing and shining my Light in the world! I knew it was MORE than a coincidence, it was indeed a message from Spirit. I have been allowing my inner Voice to guide me in a deeper way as a commitment to my spiritual practice.

Just last week, I said NO more Tarot Readings so I could transition into Leadership & Mentoring yet Spirit & the Moon had something else in mind.

After meditating for guidance, it became CRYSTAL clear, this is a VERY POWERFUL & SPECIAL time to offer and provide insight with Tarot Coaching. The RAREST Full Moon of my LIFETIME is approaching and with it OPPORTUNITIES to CREATE, CONNECT & COMMUNE with your deepest Dreams, Desires & Destiny.  There hasn’t been a Moon like this in 68 YEARS! I can feel & hear from deep within and want to share this Insight & Inspiration with YOU so I am offering something I’ve NEVER offered before!

Over the last few months I’ve introduced “Psychic Scents Chakra Oil Blenimg_1757ds” and am happy to share the LATEST, “Psychic Scent Tarot Divining Oil Blend” a SUPER Special & Spiritual blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankinsense, Jasmine & MORE! This AMAZING & HIGH ENERGY Oil can be used as perfume, as a cleanser, as a grounding & more.

From NOW thru 11/14/16 I will be offering the “Desire Map Tarot” Session which includes a 60 min. Session & the “Tarot Chakra Meditation” I created for FREE to prepare your Mind, Body & Spirit for our Session. I am offering this LAST Chance opportunity to connect with me and the Tarot at the discounted price of ONLY $122!

I WANT My Session with Tonya NOW! 


After this special time, I will no longer offer individual Tarot Sessions, as I will be teaching & writing, Tarot 2.0. More Details to come 🙂

AND get the EXCLUSIVE “Tarot Divining Oil” for ONLY $22!!



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