The Call to Rise. Hear it?

“There is nothing you cannot do.” A Course in Miracles 

The time it takes to heal is a lot shorter than the time spent hurting, this I know for sure. When I decided to give up drinking alcohol it came from a place of deep surrender, a place where pain had set on my heart for too long.

As kids, we view our parents as idols, our God yet what we begin to discover often earlier than later is they are flawed. Once the shattered idea of our “perfect parents” is exposed, their flaws become our judgements. ANY thought you hold about another, including our parents, that does NOT bless or prosper is a judgement. All judgements serves to shine light YOU need to heal.

Like many of us, our parents had a different set of world views, experiences & challenges however, they still serve as our greatest teachers. My childhood included early sexual abuse, my mothers constant search for herself & a man to secure her future. Watching her I learned to be the opposite of EVERYTHING about her. It was clear by the time I was 11, she and I were not going to have typical mother daughter relationship. I was the Rebel. She was my enemy & I hers.

By the time I had my daughter at 19, her story flashed before me and I was determined to not end up like her. I got my own place and was out of “her house”. I finally had freedom or so I thought. I used alcohol like my mother used it, I had relationships like I had been taught & I never knew how to love myself until I was ready to take responsibility and stop using her story as the basis of My story.

Flash forward, I know Goddess gave me a daughter so I could learn to love her as her own individual expression of Spirit & myself.  It is with JOY I celebrate the relationship my daughter & I have. We’ve traveled the world together & she is TRULY my best friend. Both of our friends wonder & ask about our “special relationship”. It is special because it has taught me what love is, the opposite of fear. When I became a single mother myself, it was love that kept me in class, working jobs & in faith.img_6510-2

When I began doing the work to heal myself, it healed her as well and that is one of the blessings of Spirit. It has long been a dream for Miana & I to work together as we share the common purpose to serve. We’ve joked about it for years, but now we are THRILLED to actually do it! See, I did Desire Map by Danielle La Porte  (get your FREE lite edition here) then Miana did it. She loved it so much she even did a mini workshop at work!! Now we want to share our Love, Light & Healing with YOU!!

Now as a Desire Map Facilitator, I explore Core Desired Feelings with EVERY client. As we approach a new year, a new world and a new age, its time to do something NEW!

It is with pleasure I invite YOU & your Special Guest to join Miana & I to BEAM in 2017! Bring YOUR Life to Light and align your Goals with your Soul. We will spend 2.5 days immersed in Sisterhood & Spirit as we get clean, get clear & get READY! We must learn to love ourselves so we can love each other & the next generations. What we do now sets up my daughter’s children (not yet!) & beyond, allow 2017 be the beginning of the Age of Sheness.

Cyber Monday Deal thru  11/29/16  (New Moon in Sagittarius) receive as a BONUS for YOU & YOUR  Guest (over $1200 value)

  • Monthly “GLOW Gatherings” with Tonya &  Miana Melendez to support your 2017 “Goals with Soul”
  • Immediate access to our Facebook Community for Daily Support, Prayer & Love. 
  • Tarot & TruthBomb Reading (Recorded) 
  • Signed copy of my Amazon International Bestselling book, “Opening with Grace & Gratitude”
  • BONUS 1st Full Moon Ritual & Blessing (1/14/17)

  • Recordings of ENTIRE Retreat + MORE!

  • Gifts & Giveaways from our collaboration partners

  • Portion of Proceeds will be donated to She’s the First

Cyber Monday for ONLY $222! Save Your Seat here NOW!

($199 +33 for your guest) rate now thru 11/29/16 

Price increases Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016 11:59pm to $222 (guest rate $40)

Give the gift that will keep on giving the ENTIRE year

I am Ready to BEAM in 2017 with my mother/sister/daughter/bestie! Click here! 

December 28 -30, 2016  Wednesday -Friday (includes 12/29/16 is the last New Moon of 2016!)

Check out what else the Desire Map inspired Retreat includes:

This 2 Day New Moon Virtual Retreat is SET to ignite your Desires on FIRE! Immerse yourself in what you want to FEEL & who you want to BE!


Retreat includes: All NEW “Goals with Soul” Audios,

Workbook & Monthly Printables

Just in case you are traveling or would like to have your very own Retreat, you can still purchase the “Goals with Soul” 2017 Program here for $25 and if you’d like to share, its only $35 for you & your guest. Get yours here! 

 This famous quote by Joan of Arc became my mantra, allow it to be yours too.


Love & Light ✨

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