How to Use Your Magic

 “4 Ways “Use Your Magic” By Tonya Gonzalez


I believe daydreaming leads to miracle making. The conditioning of society for us to stay busy within the world and its constant pursuit of “More -ness” has led to increase in dismay, destruction, disease and death. We have “tuned out” our natural abilities to Intuit. Most of us are born with 5 senses and those without, such as deaf, have an extraordinary “other” gift that enhances what is often perceived as a lack. The Sixth sense is our natural born ability to receive insightful information from our Higher Self, what I refer to as the “SoulSelf”. The SoulSelf is a cosmic mix of your personal life experience, astrological data, and unique personality combined with dreams, desires and destiny. The part of you that is guided by inner wisdom not logical thinking. A “Knowing”. This sense is the most important in personal evolution.  Spend some time  in deep listening to begin discovering and developing  your inner Guide.


Inspiration is intuition in action. It’s taking and using the Divine guidance received. It is the decision to act that creates energy that is then transmuted into a vibration. The vibration is an energetic current that attracts or deflects and radiates outward. Once acquired the “vibe” is your how energy flows or becomes stagnant. Inspiration is flowing, grounded in Truth that is  fueled by deepest desires & dreams. All success begins with insightful, introspective inspiration.



Dreams are birthed through ignited passion, purpose or pursuit. Ignition is, what is needed to move forward, it is the spark necessary when the wild unknown lies ahead & what keeps you going when giving up seems like the best option. Don’t. A flamed dream stays alive because the spark hasn’t fully diminished.


A Course in Miracles says, “the Light is in You. The darkness can cover it, but cannot put it out.”

This is where it gets REAL and inner “Knowing” peaks. Developing awareness brings forth a different kind of experience, one we are often unprepared for yet with committed  compassion, can


Alchemy is the ability to turn one thing into something else like turning your deepest wound into your greatest wisdom. Innovation is visionary energy almost Clairvoyant, sensing what is needed before realized. Intuition leads to inspiration that is ignited which flows into innovation. As something expands it adapts then adjusts before accepted, we are the same. Another way of relating to innovation as upgrading, we upgrade phones, relationships, cars & bodies, but not within until something forces it. Change is feared because it is unknown yet connecting to intuition provides the power of decision. Decide to be open for guidance, step back and let the magic happen.

Learning to use your magic by either practicing these principles or making your own  is part of the discipline, dedication & devotion needed. Becoming aware is primary to awakening intuition  by allowing inspiration to be ignited for innovation is what is needed to “Create Your Universe”. Willingness is all that is needed to “Use Your Magic”. Abracadabra!

For additional guidance, clarity or more on “Use Your Magic”, Discovering “Your Divine & Diverse Destiny”, Group Mentoring, Classes or Private Sessions, please email

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