Healed Girl Season

Have you ever noticed how some spiritual groups are centered on prescribing products? And some of these products are cultural rip-offs from indigenous cultures like Mayan, Olmecs, Aztec + Native Americans?  

This is where ‘mainstream spirituality’ has an internal problem. Not only do some make a ridiculous profit from smudge sticks, newly blessed candles + the like, It double downs on this ‘like + follow’ culture of high numbers must mean they’re legit. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your social media following is not tied to your success. 

This is why, 

1) I have a service-based business. I empower you to use the magic you already have within, not the branded copal. 

2) I focus on your intuition. The basis + real foundation of your spirituality. 

But hey now, I’ve bought special items from those cute incense stores too! 

I’m not shaming anyone!

But what I am saying is this, 

Buying that branded candle is not going to serve you if your energy is out of alignment. 

If you’re wondering why ‘none of your magic is working’, I have 2 questions for you, 

“How do you connect to yourself daily?”

“How do you sense/ feel yourself, mentally, emotionally, physically?”

If you can’t answer that, that’s the reason your $50 Moon Box isn’t working. 
The products work just fine. And yes, they could have even more special magic, I have no doubt about it. 

But it’s YOU who has to go deeper. See the products are there to amplify + multiply your magic, Not make it 100%!

This is a growing problem and why I’ve turned to centering on your intuition. 

Because at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to bring you the love, prosperity, transformation you’re seeking. 

I also always encourage my clients to go buy ‘regular ole products’. 

Yes, go get a white candle and no I don’t care where you got it from. 

This is so critical to remember, 

Our ancestors didn’t have any of this and yet they built the 7 Wonders of the World okay! 

The Pyramids, the ancient ruins, the complex tunnels and aqueducts. 

They literally used ‘the most basic’ of the the 4 elements, earth, water, fire + air to create magic and these larger than life, somehow still standing and operating pieces of art, culture + infrastructure pieces!

This is why I’m opening the doors to Priestess Pathway now. 

Because more than ever, 

Right when they’re actively out here trying to break your soul, 

I want YOU to feel activated, empowered + in tune with all of YOU!

Your mental self talk

Your heart beat + what it craves

Your physical body + all the signs it sends

More than ever, we must be acutely aware and awakened from deep within!

Here’s how we do things differently inside the Priestess Pathway, 

No perquisite courses or products needed.

It takes deep inner strength + courage just to fill out the application, I know this. But if you’re ready, then you know it in your heart. 

This is why I bring it to you straight, with no extra hoops to jump through. 

I address the challenges being faced specifically by women entrepreneurs, especially women of color entrepreneurs.

We naturally learn better with people who share similar life experiences. I’m sure Tony Robins does a great job at his conferences, but I’m here to bring you the real *ish that Tony hasn’t ever had to face. Learning from a fellow woman, a Black woman at that, hits different.

 I bring in the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at + always pay homage to the ancestors.

Part of the magic of your intuition is your ancestors. Your intuition is connected to your soul and that means all those who’ve come before you in your lineage. This is why your intuition is so powerful. When you call on your Spirit Squad, who needs a copal stick?? Your ancestors are here to guide you, but you must make that connection. 

And Ma’at? While who would I be, talking about being initiated as a Priestess if I didn’t go back to pay homage + call in the energy of one of the first! The ancestors are always watching and I’m not trying to claim that ‘self-made’ nonsense. I am not self made, I was co-created, centuries in the making. 

I address productivity issues from the stand point as a woman.

Mother? Single mother? Married? Single? Empty Nester? Juggling Master’s + a Full Time Job? Coming home to the 2nd Shift? Only person of color on your team? Yeah, let’s talk about it. 

Actually deal + speak to mindset.

I don’t even like this word. Who wants to have their mind’s set? Do you want to feel ‘fixed’ into something that you then can’t get out of? This is why I share mindfulness + mindflow. Let’s bust up that Imposter that keeps you in those routines vs. rituals. 

I talk money, as a black woman.

Do you know the generational, childhood + personal traumas I’ve experienced about money? How much time do you have?! Let’s get into the options that money allows you to have vs. it’s power. That green paper can not possess you.

 Hustle + Grind? No ma’am, I prescribe to the Soft Life and Healed Girl Summer Lifestyle.

Discover how to do more, with the art of doing less. (Yes, it exists and I want to share you exactly how!)

Get results.

I don’t put energy into these areas because it’s cute or fun. I focus on these areas because after 13+ years in business, intentionally with women entrepreneurs for over 5, I know addressing the experience of the whole woman gets results. And isn’t that exactly what this coaching program is here to do? 

In 1 word, (hell) YES! 

For all these reasons, is why I’m focusing my Big Energy intentions on serving you in our Priestess Pathway Program. 

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