Dear Woo Woo World

An open letter to the non BIPOC Woo Woo & Spirituality communities

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Hey Woo Woo world, 

Before crystal wearing was cool, attending exclusive retreats with a high priestess was enlightening and performing moon rituals was fun, Black Women “Seers”, now officially known as Psychics, have been quietly, often in secret, holding down spiritual practices for generations.

Within the last 5 years, Spirituality, in particular, Woo Woo, seen as anything from witchcraft to Tarot cards, has surged amongst women. 

As more become empowered with gender + sexual equality and wellness + self directed spiritual practices, the ever present stain of racism must be addressed. 

Our now billion dollar industry was built on the demonization of African Spirituality, particularly the dark skinned evil-eyed “Magic Woman” stereotype that for centuries has perpetrated our communities. 

As an example, The Oracle, of the Matrix trilogy, an all seeing middle age vice ridden black woman, who not only guides each character’s destiny, but offers insights for the very survival of their civilization is feared + seen as a dangerous woman. 

More recently, the stereotype’s been depicted in “American Horror Story- The Coven” as a mean streaked, baby snatching Madame Marie Laveau. Her deadly + dark Voo Doo magic was frightening to even the Supreme Witch, portrayed as a elegant, classy white woman. 

As a black woman Psychic Medium from the United States living abroad in Mexico, I’ve been called everything from an angel to the devil. Although I was Voted #3 Psychic Medium in the World, there was no media coverage nor interest in my journey of being a coffee shop Tarot Reader to YouTube Personality to International TV Star story. 

While facing months of rejection, the Long Island Medium was having a wildly popular + high publicity reality show. 

And then the truth finally dawned on me, a black woman Psychic is intriguing, yet dangerous. 

How can the art + ritual practices of the African diaspora been seen as dark while Woo Woo is seen as love + light? 

How can what was once illegal for BIPOC to practice now, not only be acceptable, but readily available at the local mall? 

Where’s the distinction? 

It is not only cultural + spiritual appropriation, it’s monetization of reverence + sacred acts. 

It appears as though every indigenous culture has been included in modern Woo Woo practices, which continue to flourish, while the very people they originate from falter under financial hardship + economic instability. 

Beyoncé’s recent single, “Black Parade”, claps back at stereotypes with, “Don’t I smell like nag champa incense”, referring to a comment made on the red carpet. 

She also pays homage to her African Spirituality in several lyrics about Oshun, Ogun & Yemaya of the Yoruban pantheon, which some may consider Hoo Doo. 

What makes Woo Woo acceptable + Hoo Doo unacceptable? 

‘Modern Divination Tools’

The now classic, “Brujas” by Princess Nokia, declares, 

“I ain’t no Queen of the night! 

I’m a Bruja! I’m a Bruja! 

I’ma dress in all white.” 

A powerful message against the black woman psychic’s connection to the sexual underworld.

Cuban songstress, Dayme Arocena, eloquently praises her deep ancestral spiritual practices with songs to Oya, Oshun & Yemaya. 

The rise of African Spirituality, homage to ancestors + natural healing is being ignored while simultaneously being exploited. 

The ostracization of black women psychics from the Woo Woo world clearly demonstrates the injustices of systematic racism with the realm of Spirituality, including its communities, healing modalities, publishing & media outlets, merchandising and more. 

This act of Spiritual Bypassing is consciously choosing to overlook or subtly ignore these powerful truths. 

This open letter is to shed light on the often overlooked contributions black women, especially those with psychic and/or healing gifts, have made in the Woo Woo world. 


Tonya Melendez

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