Cosmically Curated Bookshelf Money Issue 

With looming recession talk it’s time we get involved with our financial situation through literacy & legacy building, especially as women, small businesses & entrepreneurs. As a Black woman, I’ve been taught to believe in the “struggles” instead of in my strengths. There is no better place where this shows up than in our MONEY. Most of us are not given the opportunities to be savvy and successful with money, in fact we are taught the opposite. Studies show women feel less capable of handling money due to what they experienced as girls. Today, we are not only learning about money, we are embracing its effects on our emotions by being committed to using money as a tool for good not greed. 

These Cosmically Curated selections are a mix of age old wisdom, modern insights & the spiritual side of Money.

‘Creating on Purpose’ by Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman

Described as “Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras” this book will not only get you thinking differently about money, it will help you shift your view + perspective too. Aligning the Chakras as a map of manifesting is not genius but TRUE energy medicine work. They take the struggle of trying to make something happen to creating on purpose, for your purpose. It’s more than about money, it’s about our natural ability to be prosperous. Don’t miss this one if you’re ready to reclaim your abilities to manifest.

‘Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow’ by Marsha Sinetar

An instant classic, it stays in steady rotation on my shelf, it’s actually in my wealth corner now. This book teaches you the importance of focusing on what you love, not the money, for true prosperity. Reminding us we are either attracting of deflecting our financial goals & gold. Told from an educational yet personal perspective, this gem reflects on the value of knowing yourself, why you want to do something and how to be successful while doing it. This one is too good not to miss. 

Money: A Love Story‘ by Kate Northup

Time to “untangle your financial woes to create the life you really want” states the author. Our emotional relationship with money goes DEEP. As a woman of color, money was the most important thing. I learned it didn’t grow on trees and that people would lie, cheat & steal to have more of it. This love affair, we as a society, have with money has caused more body, image, value and relationship issues than any other. With Northup’s guidance, you will begin to see money differently. Financial freedom is at hand with this one. 

The Soul of Money‘ by Lynne Twist

Learning about money from a philanthropist takes on a whole new approach with this book. She breaks down scarcity vs sufficiency as the search for prosperity. She reminds us we must create “a legacy of enough”, which goes against what we are taught. Re-examine & re-evaluate your money story after diving into this part memoir, part teaching manual & part guide, you won’t be disappointed with this enriching read. 


‘Spiritual Economics- True Principles and Process of True Prosperity’ by Eric Butterworth

A true money bible for the spiritually minded. Dive into cultivating and developing a new relationship, viewpoint & vision with money in your life with this new age classic. I read this the first time as a spiritual practitioner student as part of our curriculum, I’ve had it ever since. It is a calm reminder that money is a tool of the universe, not the ruler of the world. You’ll not only learn how to flow with life, but also how to have a prosperous mindful practice & more! Don’t sleep on this book, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Tonya Melendez

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