Self Care is Self love

Self Care, like Spirituality, is a trending topic now that we’ve come fully into the Age of Aquarius. A time when ascension, enlightenment and power are the strongest, when humanity will experience a great cosmic shift in consciousness, and intuitive intelligence will peak. It is self awareness that cultivates the desire to nourish and nurture the inner self. This in turn, generates the energy to care for the Self as a Soul, not only a physical expression (aka body). This month’s Cosmically Curated Bookshelf selections were inspired by the multi layered aspects of the divine feminine. From sacred wisdom to powerful storytelling, reclaiming of the feminine ways of living is on the rise, these books will empower and illumine your inner self. 

Monthly theme – Intuition is my superpower.

Mantra – It’s okay for me to be powerful. 

Wisdom’s Daughters by Cathy Pagano 

Women waking up to their divine feminine power are ready to be embody the  inner freedom they’ve been striving for since the age of the Goddess. As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we start to recognize this language of the unconsciousness that deep within us, and at the same time, also learn how to balance both sides of our brain. I chose this book because I know that at this time we need the ancient wisdom that comes from the Divine Feminine. 

Listening in the Dark by Amber Tamblyn 

I chose this book because as intuitive feminine women, we have to learn and recognize the language of our intuition. She who knows us from the inside out, we must study how she speaks to us at all times, in the darkness, in the present moment. The darkness is the unknown. With eyes closed, it is dark, therefore we must rely truly on our intuition. This book is really about different stories and insights about intuition, and how it is truly a divine feminine superpower. 

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter

 I selected this book because we have to start to really use the idea and the universal knowledge that energy is everything and so things Sway is really about creating that energy within your space and place no matter where you are. And so it’s always good for us to have more in our spiritual toolbox than less. And so this is really about learning how to use this intelligence of intention and energy and intuition to create harmony in your space and place. This book will really support you in so many different ways, especially the wealth corner the fame and reputation. The front door, the bathrooms, so many different ways in places that we can shift energy. This is truly one of those unique this books. 

The Power by Naomi Alderman

I rarely chose fiction yet this NYT bestseller was irresistible and it is truly about the power that women have within as a part of our self care. As we begin to recognize we do have power. Imagination is a nurturing way to illumine, encourage and also awaken the divine feminine within. This best seller is sure to cultivate self reflection. 

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Tonya Melendez

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