Mastering Intuition for Self Preservation


As a sleepwalking child, I was highly inquisitive, wandering away in the woods, unafraid, just like the girl in my dreams, who came alive within me every New Moon. I could sense her fear and strength, even as she was swallowed by the ocean. 

These experiences of deja vu, past life recall and clairvoyance were part of the imaginary world I created. My weekly trip to the library to learn about angels, nature & anything they’d let me check out on esoterica, slowly began to fade. In my early youth, after being called a nerd and too shy, another part of me began to emerge. Soon wanting to fit it became more important, life got in the way and the connection to this superpower diminished. 

What’s intuition got to do with this? 

Many of us share this similar experiences as children when our intuitive intelligence is at its peak. In the animal world, instinct is a matter of life and death. 

Psychology Today, defines “Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation. It is not magical but rather a faculty in which hunches are generated by the unconscious mind rapidly sifting through past experience and cumulative knowledge.” 


Intuition expresses itself through feelings – the language of the soul. By paying attention to how you feel, you become aware of your deeper Self and its guidance. 

For women, right now, the intuitive self must become more aligned, aware and conscious, especially Black & Brown women. With a growing number of missing girls and women in Mexico and worldwide, reproductive rights on the verge of collapse & increasing violence, it is time we recognize the importance of intuition for self preservation. 

Distracted & disconnected

Growing a child of the 70’s in the era of modern technology, I’ve watched what we thought was impossible become reality and with that an increasing sense of disconnected, distracted and depressed people. This is the main reason, wellness & well being are trending topics, we are in desperate need to reconnect to ourselves, families & reason for being.

Wellness & wellbeing – inner & outer life

More than maintenance and self care, wellness is often how we first begin to access our intuition. The time to reflect inward, in stillness & silence is where we are able to connect to the higher sense of consciousness. 

 Luisah Teish, author of the #blackgirlmagic classic, Jambalaya and one of my favorite spiritual mentors, teachers & elders, shares her experience, “Since childhood I have had a spirit guide who whispers in my ear. I simply call her, “She Who Whispers”. 

Did you have a voice that spoke to you, sent messages & guided you as a child? 

She continues, “Her voice is gentle, rich, but different than my own. We have similar personalities but She is wiser and offers m information, advice and instructions on charms and rituals. Periodically through disbelief, I have lost with Her, but She has been my steady companion since 1974.” 

Connection to the natural world vs technology 

 As a latch key kid, after school was unrestricted time so going to the creek was my place to release energy, play and learn. Nature was my first spiritual teacher, spending hours chasing frogs, climbing trees and jumping the water since the cartoons were done until tomorrow morning. As long as I was home before it got dark, it was my safe haven. I always pretended in was somewhere in the jungle. 

Reclaiming our divine gifts

Many of the gifts of childhood is our connection to intuition and the spiritual world, which is why it becomes one our greatest teachers,  directing us to reclaim our hearts deepest desires. As a sensitive, shy girl intuition felt easy and natural, as a woman it felt distant and doubtful. After years of struggling to be what others expected, instead of myself, left me empty. Being divorced by 21, I grew up quickly and hadn’t fully recovered, getting sweep up in the “go to work, drinks on the weekend cycles”. This led to a string of toxic tendencies, like a daily wine habit, smoking cigarettes and a series of bad relationships. It wasn’t until I rediscovered my spiritual self that my truest passions and natural gifts began to reawaken. Taking me on a journey of a lifetime and to places I dreamt to experience. 

Now that the Age of Aquarius is in full effect, intuitive intelligence has been activated. In times of chaos come the greatest chances and changes.  Liberation is, as throughout history, facing destruction, like many of the systems and security we thought we had, facing new levels of self awareness, consciousness and perseverance. This is why mastering intuition is self preservation. 

What is asking to be reclaimed in your life? 

What toxic tendencies, poisonous patterns & harmful habits need to be addressed? 

What baffles you about your intuition?

The Dali Lama once said, “it will be a Western woman who saves the world.” 

I say it’s most likely a Black or Brown woman. 

“She declares all living things are sacred. She is the God who smashes the white patriarchy and empowers us all to join in Her liberating work.” 

Christena Cleveland, PhD 

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2 responses to “Mastering Intuition for Self Preservation”

  1. Many if the events in your life bear a striking resemblance to my own. You might be the first that I’ve seen that in.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love this! Tell me how. Email me

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