Intuition is The Most Valuable Asset of 2023

In numerology, 2023 equates to number seven which is a highly spiritual number. They say that the body takes seven years to totally reset and recycle itself. And we are now living in that year. There’s seven Cosmic Laws, seven chakras, seven days of the week, and these sevens are the vibration of spiritual awakening and evolution. It’s also been said, when focused on healing, you heal seven generations back and seven generations forward. 

It’s also the time to reflect and release the last seven years of your life. In fact ,examine the last seven months, seven weeks, the seven days, seven hours, and seven seconds, it all means something. This is how we know that this is going to be a highly spiritual year. 

I’ve deemed it the “Year of Intuition” in fact, because not only is it a highly spiritual year, we’re also in the Age of Aquarius, which means that we’re vibrating at a higher level. This is why empowering ourselves as individuals is so important and why so many of us are looking for ways to cultivate our own spiritual practices, regardless of religion, faith or beliefs. This is what the Age of Aquarius is for which comes with a new currency, which is authenticity. We  are now in the golden age, also known as a renaissance, of spiritual connectedness. This is a time when we’re recognizing that the invisible, is in fact, becoming more visible. 

Our sense of self, our ancestral connection, and the future self are guiding us to step into the Higher Self. Thus, intuition is the most valuable for us now because it is an asset that continues to rejuvenate and regenerate itself which is yet another reason why a dedicated spiritual practice is crucial, the return to the self. 

It also corresponds with the Lunar new year of the water rabbit, which is all about personal power, prosperity & peace.  It is important that we allow ourselves to really connect to the vibration of the water rabbit, since rabbits are often known to bring good luck, remember as a kid carrying a rabbit’s foot for good luck?. That is why this year is so profound for us emotionally, energetically and spiritually. We are living in this Golden Age during the Age of Aquarius because our Soul chose this time to reestablish and regain our mastery of our karmic destiny. 

What does all of this mean? Well, it means that we’re having a serious reset. An intense time to reflect, review and release what no longer serves. We won’t have another opportunity like this in our lifetimes. Which is why it’s important that we allow ourselves the space and the grace to truly connect to our higher self in order to align our inner self with the mystic within. 

Throughout the year, I will continue to revisit this while also sharing tales, tips, techniques to support your life and spiritual wellness. 

 7 ways to recharge your intuition 

  1. Make yourself a priority. 
  2. Learn how to pray.
  3. Establish a dedicated spiritual practice. 
  4. Decide the Divination tools that best support your life and lifestyle.
  5. Get support in order to discern your inner voice from others.
  6. Cultivate a holistic wellness plan for yourself, biz and life.
  7. Distinguish the language of your imposter vs. intuitive. 

In Gratitude,

Tonya Melendez

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