Turning 50! Rubies, Roller Skates & Reinvention

For me turning 50 is more than a number or my age it is about the lives I’ve lived,  places I’ve been & friendships made. Rubys are my birthstone and best friend. It’s deep hypnotic glow is the color of the Cancer’s  shell & Leo’s fire,  my cusp personality, that inspires me to keep going even when I fail or fall, knowing forward is the direction I’m heading. 

Like my rollerskates there can be grace when falling or gliding. Connecting to what brings me smiles and giggles (a.k.a. joy)reminds me to cultivate a beginners mind. This recent lesson not only showed up once I laced up my skates, but also in belly dance class too. 

Where does the idea I’m supposed to know how, even though subconsciously I can sense it, come from? 

When did being an adult mean I know everything? 

It is a beginners mind that has been my guide when I decided to become an entrepreneur, quitting my safe job as a Librarian to pursue my inner callings.

I was called crazy and worse for betting on myself instead of getting a 9-to-5. I was deemed the black sheep by my family, shunned by society for sharing my gifts and demonized as a “black magic woman”.  

When I began seeing clients, teaching yoga and waiting tables, dreaming one day to live near the beach & writing like living legend Alice Walker. When I discovered we had mutual friends and acquaintances I nearly fainted.

In college, I was gifted the opportunity to hear a talk and later share a smoke with Nikki Giovanni, not knowing the impact and influence she would have in my life as a writer and a black woman. Although my biggest dream is to be a New York Times best-selling author, it wasn’t until I was alcohol free that the writer within could emerge. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to share my writing in magazines all over the world yet it the Book that calls me. 

I invite you on this sacred journey of my chariot year in the tarot growth cycle and what I’ve deemed my Ruby year as I write. 

So far in the month I’ve been 50, authenticity, boundaries and creativity (my ABC’s) have been my guiding words anchoring me to the present and beginners mind.

What words have been anchors in your life recently? 

Tune in. Turn on. 

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