Be mindful not to make someone else wrong so you can be right instead of looking within.

Right now it may seem as things are moving slow or filled with challenges yet it is where you can shift, heal, and transform. Do not resist what is before you instead embrace it, probe it, and dissolve it. Sometimes the hard questions receive easy answers if you are willing to see them from a different perspective. Allow, align, and accept what is for you will find you. Believe in yourself, accepting the flaws, mistakes, and failures as learning opportunities. Be mindful not to make someone else wrong so you can be right instead of looking within. 5 of Wands Tarot

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…go the road less traveled.

Sometimes the thing we don’t want to do IS the thing we need to do. Oftentimes we have made up a story based on False Experiences Appearing Real, FEAR in order to stay in the safety of our comfort yet our souls are asking for something new. It is here that you make a choice because you have free will, but maybe today you can see things from a different perspective instead and go the road less traveled, just a thought. 


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Now is the time beloved…

To be reborn is to be awakened into a new reality by letting go of what no longer serves, benefits or takes from you. Now is the time beloved, trust the Universe has your back and allow life to show you its miraculous blessings. Allow, align, and accept. Extend past your limits, your comfort zone, your fears. Trust in the process and all is well. 

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“What is yours will come to you when you are ready.” A Course in Miracles

Although it appears nothing is happening that is the illusion. Your egoic mind and fears want you to keep grasping yet now is the time to listen, learn and live. Trust in the process, as well as, divine timing. The universe created you and your destiny, allow things to unfold as they should.
“What is yours will come to you when you are ready.” A Course in Miracles

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The power of the full moon/lunar eclipse commands…

Going back to basics is not going backwards but moving forward with assurance and wisdom that was before unavailable. Take time to recognize patterns, signs and symbols as they are your guideposts that you are moving in the right direction. Trust in the process and allow the next steps to reveal themselves. The power of the full moon/lunar eclipse commands change, transformation, and release. Set intentions that are reflect who you are becoming. Leaving the past behind is the first step towards your new beginning and fresh start. Count your blessings and expect MIRACLES!!


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Weekend update!

You may feel you have had a series of tests, trials and starts however it was all in preparation for what’s coming. Stay focused and don’t lose hope, change is coming. This weekend’s Mercury slides bak into retrograde until the 26th so be prepared to RE-visit, RE-fine, and RE-consider your options, things are brighter than they look. Have faith in a positive outcome instead of your fears, trust in the Divine plan.
All is well beloved. 

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…you WILL manifest that which you focus on.

Once and for all be done with the things that have held you back. Allow the present to guide you to that which you really want and deserve. Have faith in you not in your fears as you WILL manifest that which you focus on. The addiction to pain and fear is not about what’s going on in the world but an inner conflict, be aware of it so you can dissolve it NOW. Have faith you are guided and provided always and IN all ways. The Magician makes magic happen, allow it by investing in truth. 

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Now is the time beloved, let nothing stop you.

A new beginning is upon us and filled with new opportunities, as well as, endings. Take time now to acknowledge what needs to be released and say goodbye. Accept the blessings before you and align with that which you want and deserve. Now is the time beloved, let nothing stop you. Your dreams are just around the corner, have faith and trust all is well, because it is. Ace of Swords & Wheel of Fortune

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An attitude of gratitude can change anything and everything!!

The purpose of life is to live not fear so today is all about waking up to what is true. Be aware of what is around you and accept what is or let it go, holding on is keeping you stuck in the vortex of un-happiness, stuck -ness, and your past. Forgive it and move on. Try to see things from a different perspective instead of the same “woe is me” victim-hood. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life, an attitude of gratitude can change anything and everything!! 

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Dreams are often…

Pay attention to yourself and where you place your attention. Your dream state is offering guidance now too, so be mindful and accept what presents itself to you. Dreams are often our connectors to what Spirit often wants to reveal. Be willing to see from a different perspective and take responsibility for your feelings, they belong to you and are not created or caused by anyone but you. Trust all is well. Take some time this weekend to check in where you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Breathe. Pray. Listen.

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Weekend update Sept. 19th thru 21st

Expect the unexpected and watch the MaGiC HaPPeN!! Trust is all in Divine order.  

Allow things that are meant for YOU find YOU by accepting what is presently and being grateful for its blessings and lessons. Let your FAITH be BIGGER than the fear in your MIND. Choose again beloved. Believe what the Universe has given you is for your to PROCESS, DEAL, HEAL. 

“Allowing yourself to observe your actions, motivations, and intentions from a different perspective through introspection, reflection, or realization is the KEY to RE-solving, DIS-solving and RE-solving.”

(Excerpt from, “The Happy Healing Handbook- Your pathway to discovering who you REALLY are!!” by Tonya Melendez)


Weekend Mantra:  “I believe in the power of prayer and give myself permission to have the LIFE I DREAM of.” 

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