The need to know…

We all have something that we are afraid of, for me its deep water which comes from a remembrance of drowning in a past life. Yet that is not the kind of the something I am talking about now. Many of us have fears of not being able to do something, have something or be something because we cannot see beyond what others have told us is impossible, not worth it, or can have. Who are we NOT to have the life we dream of? Who says we cannot have, be, and do what we dream to do? It has taken years for me to fully understand this concept because my family, society, past experiences, and allowing other factors to determine my vision blocked this truth and my fear made it true in my mind. Yet I have seen the light and have allowed myself to listen with the wisdom of my heart instead of the confinement of my mind. 

Every great athlete has always said they see themselves winning long before they ever take a shot. I am asking you to take a shot now- where is your focus, what is the shot you long to make? My mentor, teacher, and friend Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith says “You can start with nothing, and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.” BELIEVE IT!!! 

We can only have a dream manifest we when we ALLOW it beloved. Let go of the need to know the outcome, let go of the restricting past, and let go of what others think, you deserve your dreams that is why the Universe planted them within you.  It is not by accident you want to paint, write, draw, sing, create, and SHARE this is what we they are within us to EXPRESS. Now it the the time, no more waiting. Believe in YOU and the universe will answer.  Begin with “I AM” Claim your gifts, they are inside you waiting to serve, shine & share! 


Allow yourself to breathe…

Who are YOU choosing to be? I recently had a revelation about what this question is asking because it is more than just what we read on the surface. This question raises others including what am I doing? What am I allowing? What are the outer circumstances? How I am reacting to them? So instead of answering all of them “who I am choosing to be” cuts through the others and in essence shifts your perspective. The mind (ego) has convinced us that we need to wear masks at different times with different people in certain circumstances yet the one thing most people say is they want authenticity, but are afraid to show themselves.  SO again, the question shows us where we hide, buffer, shield, and protect ourselves from the realness and love we crave. A Course in Miracles says, “You are as God created you. There is no place where you can suffer, and no time that can bring change to your eternal state. How can a world of time & space exist, if you remain as God created you?”  When you allow yourself to breathe this Truth in you see that who you choosing to be is either in alignment with your Spirit or your ego (fear). The holy instant you decide to give up the mask, a miracle has occurred. Remember beloved, you are are perfect, whole, and complete because you are as God created you. The past has no relevance in your today unless you give it.

“The Son/Daughter of God is limitless.” Happy Weekend. #BeAPrayer


The Empress, Sun, and Hanged Man Tarot.

This week is all about new beginnings and planting new seeds. Beware of false prophets and snake charmers as the moon grows the energy of theft and cheaters is high. Trust your inner guru to sort out the good from the not so good. Take time to set intentions and dream seeds as what you plant now will come to fruition quicker than you can imagine. Choose wisely as what you WILL get what you want now. The Empress, Sun, and Hanged Man Tarot



Weekend Update!!!

Your inner guidance is calling you to and through a new beginning. Be willing. Releasing the past, with its suffering, pain, and low vibration is here for YOU now, TAKE THE CHANCE! Do you want right or HAPPY??? You are at a choice point beloved, notice your thoughts are they for your good or your mind games. Listen to your razor sharp intuition. 
Mercury goes direct tomorrow so things should begin to fall into place throughout next week. Yesterday’s solar eclipse new moon has left its impression on your psyche, things are about to change for the better.
Expect the MIRACULOUS!!!
The Sun now in Scorpio also shift things to a more idealistic, passionate, and innovation perspective. 


See the opportunities and possibilities…

LOVE is in the AIR!! Not romantic love but love that sustains, nourishes, enriches, and fills you. Allow this time to be filled with visions of what you’d like more of in your life by allowing yourself to be freed of the past, mistakes, and failures. NOW is the time to heal, deal, and move forward. See the opportunities and possibilities in front of you beloved and stop talking yourself into things that are not for your good. Make a wish! Happy New moon & solar eclipse!! 

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…rise above and beyond..

Sometimes things happen that we do not see coming and  this can create a sense of dismay, disbelief, and fear yet how you react is where the lesson is. Many times the bump in the road, crash, or upset is to  boost to move you in another direction towards what you REALLY want instead of what you are settling for.  Sooner than later the truth will reveal why it happened. Now is the time to rise above and beyond by trusting in yourself. Believing your are guarded, guided, protected, and provided.

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trust everything is working out for your good even if you CANNOT begin to imagine, see, or think it.

Life brings many ups and downs, some good with some bad yet it is how we deal, resolve, and/or dissolve it that can create or destroy you. Everything connects and soon all will be revealed. Keep your thoughts positive and trust everything is working out for your good even if you CANNOT begin to imagine, see, or think it. BELIEVE!

Have confidence in yourself and trust your on the right path. Never give up beloved, all is well. Let go & let life!

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…go the road less traveled.

Sometimes the thing we don’t want to do IS the thing we need to do. Oftentimes we have made up a story based on False Experiences Appearing Real, FEAR in order to stay in the safety of our comfort yet our souls are asking for something new. It is here that you make a choice because you have free will, but maybe today you can see things from a different perspective instead and go the road less traveled, just a thought. 


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Now is the time beloved…

To be reborn is to be awakened into a new reality by letting go of what no longer serves, benefits or takes from you. Now is the time beloved, trust the Universe has your back and allow life to show you its miraculous blessings. Allow, align, and accept. Extend past your limits, your comfort zone, your fears. Trust in the process and all is well. 

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“What is yours will come to you when you are ready.” A Course in Miracles

Although it appears nothing is happening that is the illusion. Your egoic mind and fears want you to keep grasping yet now is the time to listen, learn and live. Trust in the process, as well as, divine timing. The universe created you and your destiny, allow things to unfold as they should.
“What is yours will come to you when you are ready.” A Course in Miracles

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The power of the full moon/lunar eclipse commands…

Going back to basics is not going backwards but moving forward with assurance and wisdom that was before unavailable. Take time to recognize patterns, signs and symbols as they are your guideposts that you are moving in the right direction. Trust in the process and allow the next steps to reveal themselves. The power of the full moon/lunar eclipse commands change, transformation, and release. Set intentions that are reflect who you are becoming. Leaving the past behind is the first step towards your new beginning and fresh start. Count your blessings and expect MIRACLES!!


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