What’s your Intuitive Power?

Divination tools to increase intuition! Click here to take the Quiz & discover your intuitive power NOW! Happy Sagittarius Super Full Moon (aka Strawberry & Rose Moon)🌜 🌚🌛 With the Summer Solstice & Cancer season around the corner, Saturn (the master teacher) in retrograde our intuition is being upgraded and unleveled on all levels. Get … Continue reading What’s your Intuitive Power?

Discover Your Magic Interview

“Woo woo is my spirituality. It’s my connection to the goddess, connection to the planets, connection to my body, connection to other women, connection to the crystals. It’s connection to my ancestors and all of our sisters.” ~Tonya Gonzalez on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 052   Listen Here!! Also on: Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio … Continue reading Discover Your Magic Interview