Tonya Gonzalez

Tonya Gonzalez, RScP, CYT Voted #3 Psychic in the World. Tarot Expert, Psychic Medium Amazon International Bestselling Author, TV and Radio Personality

Where has your Magic gone? 

There was a time when women would meet daily for coffee  to discuss how to heal, cure, fix and mend. They shared practices & traditions learned from the women before them. These traditions were lost once women entered the work force. As more were pushed to work outside the home, many were not prepared to play the games of the corporate world. […]


Awakening Divine Wildness!

Super EXCITED & Grateful to share my upcoming interview with Mal Duane of “Awakening Divine Wildness” the episode airs on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017 Please mark your calendars for this discussion of feminine transformation. I’d like to share that conversation with you.  Join me @MalDuane for Divine conversation.  #AwakeningDivineWildness


TunedIn Psychic Healing

Honored & humbled to share in JOY my new Livestream with OmTimes Magazine Institute! I will share Intuitive, guided insight & healing to selected viewers. Join me for this Fun, Lively & Insightful Show. Join Here Fridays 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm EST #ServeShareShine  


How to Use Your Magic

 “4 Ways “Use Your Magic” By Tonya Gonzalez Intuit I believe daydreaming leads to miracle making. The conditioning of society for us to stay busy within the world and its constant pursuit of “More -ness” has led to increase in dismay, destruction, disease and death. We have “tuned out” our natural abilities to Intuit. Most […]


Invoking Isis for Summer Solstice

A  2 day event of Rebirthing & Healing is a POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING Experience. Included is the “Gathering Green Prosperity Spell & Ritual” to Heal childhood Money stories & blocks. The Rebirthing Ceremony consists of a Cleansing, Purification Bath & Oil Anointing.  Day 1 (6/21) The Summer Solstice begins will be Intention setting, supply gathering […]