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How to Use Your Magic

 “4 Ways “Use Your Magic” By Tonya Gonzalez Intuit I believe daydreaming leads to miracle making. The conditioning of society for us to stay busy within the world and its constant pursuit of “More -ness” has led to increase in dismay, destruction, disease and death. We have “tuned out” our natural abilities to Intuit. Most […]


Invoking Isis for Summer Solstice

A  2 day event of Rebirthing & Healing is a POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING Experience. Included is the “Gathering Green Prosperity Spell & Ritual” to Heal childhood Money stories & blocks. The Rebirthing Ceremony consists of a Cleansing, Purification Bath & Oil Anointing.  Day 1 (6/21) The Summer Solstice begins will be Intention setting, supply gathering […]


Retrogrades & Reconnecting

Hey Beloveds! I know its been awhile since I last shared a post. First off, thank you for sticking around and waiting patiently. Secondly, I got MARRIED! Thirdly, we moved April 1 and had no Wifi until the day of the Wedding, (April 22) the repairmen came moments before I  got dressed! The following week […]


“I need to find me!”

“I need to find me!”, she cried. As women, we create and hold life force. What my client was revealing to me is she had lost hers and was tired of telling herself, “I love me” and “I am worthy” because it wasn’t working. Her “story” was like many of ours, “what happened to me?” […]


The School of Bewitchery!

Do you have any lucky charms, amulets? Or do you, like me, sometimes put crystals in your bra to empower yourself?  Then you are practicing “Everyday Magic”! We don’t often realize some of the practices and daily rituals we perform are actually using our innate charisma & power. Lucky charms are trinkets and/or talismans that […]